What are the benefits of probiotics?

Probiotics are live bacteria that are known to be beneficial to human health. They live in the digestive tract, chiefly the intestines, and are cultivated by health food suppliers as targeted products that help to re-balance gut bacteria.

There are many ways that gut bacteria can get out of balance, including antibiotics, diarrhoea, allergenic foods, chemicals, and even some overload of acidic foods like coffee.

Our lifestyle includes more and more antibiotics. And while they are an absolute lifesaver, they come with a cost, especially when overused. That cost is the death of good gut bacteria. Even if you aren’t taking antibiotics medicinally, they are prevalent now in our food chain (unless you are eating organic meat).

While it is still a wacky thought, the very fact that faecal transplants are growing in prominence in the medical community is a testament to the fact that changing gut bacteria can change your health. This is being used to treat some autoimmune conditions and even mental health disorders like some forms of depression, among other things.

No doubt about it, probiotics can provide massive health benefits. A good probiotic will help to restore balance to your gut bacteria.


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